The Jew Mafia Conspiracy – Everything you never knew about Jews


When it comes to conspiracyc theories there are three kind of people: One says there is no conspiracy, that it’s ridiculous to even imply such a thing. Next is those who think there can be a conspiracy, but they don’t know for sure. Third there are people that say that there is a conspiracy and claim they can prove that there is a conspiracy.


People conspire all the time and has done so sense we grew a brain for the first time. Anyone that claims that a conspiracy is impossible is out of touch with reality. This is the people that laughs and make comments like “Folium hat on” (Spell, correct expression?). These people are the ones that wearing that hat to avoid any connection with the real world.


Most people are in touch with reality and belive that there can be a conspiracy, but they just don’t have the knowledge to say yes there is a conspiracy. That group is very small and I belong to that group that there is a conspiracy and I can prove that there is a conspiracy.


Any sane man understand that there are conspiracies.


Big global companies conspires all the time how they can grow bigger and take customers from other companies. It’s self-evident that there are conspiracies all over the world, and all of these conspiracies are run from the HQ of those companies.


Now, there are and therefore a conspiracy is possible. It’s self-evident!


Next Question is: How big can a conspiracy be?


There is a “israel”. That is a fact! How did “israel” came about? Did “israel” make it self by some divine intervenes or is “israel” man made?


“israel” is man made and it’s a conspiracy that made “israel”, and those who conspired to make “israel” is all jews.


Of course som Goyim Usefull Idiotes, Goyim = non-jews helped, but the major and leding players are all jews.


Thodor Herzl, founder of political zionism predicted that it would take two world wars befor “israel” could be estabished – he died in 1904, ten year befor ww1 brook out in 1914.


Palestine (today called “israel”) belonged to the Ottoman Empire and the zionist tried to persuade the Sultan of Turkey, in essence Ottoman Empire, to give them Palestine, he refused and next he was at war with England.


England had it’s own imperial strategic reason to have a stronghold i the Middle East. The Suez Canal is the shortest waterway from England to India and the other colonies in Asia. Second the navy was shifting from coal to petrol engine, and then you MUST have oil. All the major oilfield at that time was in America and the Middle East.


England was the only country in the whole world that could take Palestine from the Sultan and give it to the zionist. Which England did, see Balfour declarartion. The jew zionist mafia conspired with the leaders of England to get Palestine.


That a little group of jews conspired to get Palestine is self-evident, just look up Balfour declaration, it’s at display in the british national museum today. Nothing is secret or hidden here, all the evidence is there to see for anybody who cares to see.

Anybody that denies that there can be conspiracies need a reality cheeck!


The question is not if there can be a conspiracy, the Q is: 

How big can a conspiracy be and what conspiracies are there?


I, and a lot of other people says that there is a jewish conspiracy and this jews goal is to run the world. To even close go run the world this jews must control America, and that is what these jews do: They control America.

Aipac and ADL is a good start to see who really runs America.


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